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Nominations for the 2009 “Volcanic Event of the Year”

Time for nominations for the “Volcanic Event of the Year” (tentatively called a Pliny)! Send me your nominations for the most captivating and important volcanic event in 2009.

Chaiten in Chile erupting in May 2008 – likely the Volcanic Event of 2008.

2009 is almost over and it has been quite a busy year, volcanically speaking. This is not to say that is was anomalously volcanic – more that many of the volcanic events captured the media’s attention. I’ll be putting together a “Volcanic Year in Review” for 2009 and at the end I’ll award the 2009 “Volcanic Event of the Year” (a Pliny?) … but now its your turn to nominate events for the award. The event could be an eruptions, signs of an eruption, a big research article, a media debacle/success when it comes to covering volcanoes, you name it (as long as its related to volcanism, of course). Post your nominations as a comment or email them to me at

. I’ll take nominees up until December 30, so get them in! If you want a refresher on all the volcanic goings-on in 2009, check out the archives of Eruptions.


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