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Guest Thinkers

Personal learning environments

[cross-posted at LeaderTalk]

I found this map of Ray Sims’ personal learning environment via a link from Stephen Downes (thanks, Stephen!). It’s a neat idea. I’m guessing that it would be pretty informative to ask K-12 teachers and administrators to diagram their own personal learning environments and then have some discussion around some key questions:

  • What sources do we tap into for our own professional learning?
  • What overlaps are there between staff members?
  • What gaps are there within our school organization (i.e., what learning channels should we be monitoring but aren’t)?
  • What are some strategies for staying on top of the incredible wealth of information that is out there?
  • How do we learn about new learning channels?
  • How are we modeling ‘lifelong learning’ for our students?
  • and so on…
  • This is cool. I may try to create my own map and see what it looks like. How about you? What does your personal learning environment look like?


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