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Pius Move?

A top rabbi has accused the Pope of “insensitivity” towards Jews after he moved his World War II era predecessor Pope Pius XII a step close to sainthood.

“A leading rabbi accused Pope Benedict XVI of ‘insensitivity’ towards Jews yesterday after the head of the Catholic Church moved his controversial World War II-era predecessor Pope Pius XII a step closer to sainthood. Pius XII, who served from 1939 to 1958, is regarded by conservative Catholics as one of the greatest of modern popes. But his papacy was also controversial because of his failure to make any protest as millions of Jews were taken to Nazi gas chambers. His supporters claim that silence was necessary for the protection of Catholics around Europe. But the Vatican has infuriated critics by failing to open secret archives relating to his papacy before moving him closer to canonisation. ‘This papacy has excelled in diplomatic insensitivity,’ said Rabbi David Rosen, a member of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and president of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations. ‘It has excelled at a lack of consultation and consideration for the ramifications of its actions.’”


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