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Problems in the North, Protests in the South (Updated)

I caught a bit of the video of the protests in al-Dhala’ this morning on al-Jazeera streaming video. Al-Tagheer is reporting that at least seven people were injured. Meanwhile the editor of al-Watan, ‘Abd al-Raqib al-Hadayani, was arrested for covering the protests in al-Dhala’, which the press syndicate is condemning. Al-Jazeera also took a couple of shots today, as a reporter and his driver were roughed up in al-Dhala’, while security forces “stormed” the house of another correspondent, Fadhl Mubarak, in Abyan. All in all, not a great day to be a reporter in Yemen.

Update: I mistakenly identified al-Hadayani’s paper as al-Watan not al-Watani. This one I caught myself, but typically I like to rely on my eagle-eyed readers to point out these mistakes. My apologies.


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