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Re-cap on talks in Minneapolis

I’m back in DC after an all too short trip to Minneapolis. Chris Mooney and I flew in to speak at the annual meetings of the Association for Reproductive Health Professionals. Among the gathered physicians, nurses, and health advocates, there was definitely a lot of buzz about the potential to apply research on framing to issues ranging from contraception to abortion rights. As advisers to ARHP, Chris and I look forward to more collaboration over the next year.

Last night, we also spoke at the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum of Natural History, appearing on a panel with the bloggers PZ Myers and Greg Laden to discuss our framing science thesis. The auditorium was almost completely full and I peg attendance at about 150.

On hand were also several hundred free copies of the October issue of The Scientist featuring the cover article I co-authored with Dietram Scheufele on the future of public engagement. (It was the first time I had seen the issue in print. The cover art and layout looks amazing.)

The panel was more of a discussion and dialogue than a debate. (Though Chris claims victory, so does PZ Myers.) Afterwards, everyone gathered for food and drinks in Dinkytown and it was great to meet many of the attendees and discuss ideas about science communication. At some point, I am hoping the audio will be available as a podcast via the Point of Inquiryseries. I will let readers know when it appears.

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