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Right of refusal – Follow-up

Behold the power of Web 2.0:

  • Pete Reilly’s follow-up post = 52 comments (and counting; that’s awesome!)
  • Others’ follow-up posts (and all of their comments; incredible!)
  • Check ’em out. There’s some darn good reading here.

    We need to teach administrators about this stuff. Take a post like mine that gets some play (and also is of interest to school leaders) and show them how this works. Show them that the learning is in the dialogue and the interplay of ideas and that it’s not difficult to do. They need help seeing the power and potential. Lend a hand, won’t you?


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    This week’s recipient of the crimson megaphone is Carolyn Foote, a high school librarian in Austin, Texas. Carolyn blogs at Not So Distant Future and is definitely someone that deserves […]