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ROTW: Connectivity

The latest Report of the Week (ROTW) is actually

two reports, both related to Internet connectivity.

The first report, brought to my attention by David


, comes from the Communication Workers of



Matters: A Report on Internet Speeds in All 50 States


see the handy interactive



Here’s a quote from the report:

[C]ountries like Canada, Sweden, and South Korea have better, faster

Internet connections. People in Japan can download an entire movie in just two

minutes, but it can take two hours or more in the United States. Yet, people in

Japan pay the same as we do in the U.S. for their Internet connection. Not only

do they have the technology for higher speeds, but a larger percentage of people

in those countries have access to high speed connections. The United States has

fallen to 16th place behind other industrialized nations in high speed Internet


The second report, brought to my attention by Andy


, is from the Pew

Internet & American Life Project


Broadband Adoption 2007

Here’s a quote from the report:

Currently, 71% of adults use the internet at least occasionally from any

location; of these, 94% have an internet connection at home. Among adults with a

home internet connection, 70% go online using a high-speed connection, versus

23% who use dialup. . . . 27% of all adults do not use a computer at work,

school, home or elsewhere.

Happy reading!


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