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Sa’dah: The Best and Worst

Over the weekend I read one of the best – in English – articles on Sa’dah that I have seen in a long time and one of the worst.

First, the best comes from a French researcher, Pierre Bernin, and appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique. Here is a link, but the article is behind a wall. (I read it on a listserv I am a member of, and consequently can’t post it.) I would highly recommend the article to anyone looking to make sense of the conflict.

On the other end is Waq al-waq’s favorite whipping company, Stratfor, which recently put out an article about Hezbullah fighters in dying in Yemen. Unfortunately I was only able to read excerpts of the article a friend sent, as it too is behind a wall. In this case I would not recommend anyone reading that article unless you are A.) bored or B.) looking for an alternate, onionesque take on the war without the humor.


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