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Salih al-Shihri Speak (although not together)

I have been at a conference all day and haven’t had much time to enjoy the weather. But I did have time to read this interview with President Salih.

My favorite part:

The latest incident is worrying because it seems like someone must have had inside information. Are you concerned people within your security services might have been involved?
We believe [the bombers] might have some persons who are positioned in the streets or inside hotels. They can provide them with information. It’s simple. Also, we have a free press. They write that this delegation is coming, that envoy is leaving. It’s not secret.

Somehow President Salih forgot to mention in his discussion of AQ attacks and free press that security services arrested a Mareb Press reporter while he was covering the AQ attack. Doesn’t the irony just knock you over? Well, it does me.

Also, Said Ali al-Shihri, the deputy commander of AQAP and former Guantanamo Detainee is out with a new audio tape. Unfortunately, I left my computer at home and since I’m wary of downloading AQAP statements on university computers (there is nothing in the handbook on this, but it seems wise to have a safety first policy) I’ll have to wait for later for an analysis. Still, it looks as if AQAP is ramping up.


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