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Sarah Hanawald live blogs Mary Cullinane

Sarah Hanawald kindly Tweeted that she was live blogging Mary Cullinane’s speech. I checked it out and am glad I did! Here are a few excerpts for you…

Examples of wrong questions:

  • Does technology have a direct correlation on student achievement?
  • What is the ratio we need to achieve w/ students:computers?
  • Why haven’t we discovered the “Silver Bullet”
  • What’s the blueprint for a school of a future? Let’s buy a set and build our school.
  • and

    Where does innovation come from? What is our system for people to share great ideas? What process do we have for evaluating, sharing, challenge and discussing ideas? If we don’t have this kind of process in place, why are we surprised when ideas aren’t in evidence?


    Failure is not an option at schools. Yet, mistakes are required for innovation to happen. People cannot be afraid of going to the edge.

    Happy reading!


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