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School law blogs

For those of you who are interested, here are some blogs that cover school law issues:

  • At the Schoolhouse Gate
  • The Edjurist Accord
  • The School Law Blog
  • School and Education Law Blog
  • Education Law
  • Texas Teacher Law
  • Connecticut Education Law Blog
  • These blogs also often have posts related to school law topics:

    • BoardBuzz
    • Blog from the Capital
    • Here are a few special education law blogs:

      • Special Education Law Blog (Charles Fox)
      • Special Educaion Law Blog (Jim Gerl)
      • The FAPE Page
      • And here is a higher education law blog:

        • UnivAtty
        • Want to read all of these at once?

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          • Let me know if you know of a school law blog I missed. I’ll add it to the feed!

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