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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 6/24-30/2009

Catch up on the week's volcanic events with the USGS/SI Volcano Report.

A wrap up of the week’s volcanism, brought to you by Sally Kuhn Sennert and the USGS/SI Global Volcanism Program.

Highlights, not including Sarychev Peak, Redoubt and Shiveluch (busy week in the north Pacific), include:

  • A small ash cloud was spotted at Bagana in Papua New Guinea.
  • The Tavurvur cone at Rabaul (PNG) continues to glow at night and produce small ash/steam plumes.
  • The Santiaguito dome at Santa Maria in Guatemala produced 8,000-10,000 foot / ~2.9-3.3 km ash plumes, along with a lahar that carried blocks over 1.5 m downstream from the volcano.
  • A 25,000 foot / 7.6 km ash plume was spotted at Sangay in Ecuador.

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