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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Report for 9/30-10/6/2009

The latest SI/USGS Volcanic Activity Report, with news of volcanoes from around the globe.

Somehow I missed a week of the SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Activity Reports and almost missed another. Here is this week’s update!

Highlights (not including Chaiten, Soufriere Hills or Cleveland) include:

  • The alert level at Galeras in Colombia was raised to Red after an explosion on September 30 and returned to orange … and then yellow … after activity tapered.
  • Sakurajima in Japan produced 1.8-4.3 km / 6,000-14,000-tall ash-and-steam plumes, along with incandescent tephra that was thrown almost two kilometers from the vent.
  • Multiple steam-and-ash plumes reached 4.3 km / 14,000 feet at Langila in the New Britain Islands.
  • Sangay in Ecuador produced ash plumes that reached as high as 7.6 km / 25,000 feet.

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