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SI/USGS Weekly Volcano Report for 12/2-12/8/2009

The latest USGS/Smithsonian volcano report, with news of volcanic eruptions around the world.

A new Weekly Volcano Report from the Smithsonian GVP/USGS … enjoy!

Highlights include:

  • There has been a number of reports of new activity at Llaima in Chile (hat tip to Eruptions reader Manuel Humeres for bringing them to us). Most of the current activity is steam-and-gas plumes along with long-period seismicity, suggesting we could be headed towards a new eruption.
  • Lava flows continue to erupt from Kliuchevskoi in Kamchatka, along with strombolian activity throwing ejecta up to 300 m / ~1000 feet above the crater.
  • Rabaul is busy shaking windows 20 km / 12 miles from the Tavurvur crater, with accompanying ash fall in the town of Rabaul, ~3-5 km / 3 miles away.

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