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Some new features here at DI

If you haven’t visited this blog’s actual web site lately, I’ve been tweaking a few navigational items. Probably the biggest change is that I added a horizontal navigation bar up top so that I could get some other content closer to the top of the home page. I’m also going to do my best to always display over on the right side of the blog whatever book I’m currently reading. I added a widget on the right to display my last five Twitter posts. I also updated the feed for the Others’ Posts section on the right so that it contains every blog on CASTLE’s Great Blogs for Busy Administrators list (which you also can see displayed as a public page).

Finally, a more subtle shift that I made a while ago was to put Recent Comments right below the search box at the top left. I had it below Recent Posts but thought that visitors would be more interested in what was generating conversation…

If you’ve got any other suggestions for me, let me know!


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