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Something Good, Something Fun, Something Smart: Three Interesting Designs

Here are three interesting items that make the process of packing, eating and separating trash a bit more practical, fun, and smart. 

I love the idea behind the packaging of one of the world’s most expensive olive oils, El Verd Del Poaig. It’s design was done by Spanish studio CuldeSac and it’s nothing more than cheap, recyclable cardboard. Why can’t everything be packed like this? It might not be the most economical and sustainable packaging but it’s certainly much closer to being that than the majority of packaging on the market. 

The second item is so whimsical that it will definitely cheer up your friends next time you serve them a piece of cake. And if you’ve done it before you know very well that despite popular belief we don’t all want an equal share of the pie. German studio DING3000 has played on this idea and come up with this provocatively shaped baking dish.

And lastly, something very practical coming from the same studio, that can be very useful in an office environment. It’s a waste basket for office paper with a removable small bin for other types of litter. This way you don’t have to worry about throwing out the remainder of that sandwich with the rest of the recyclables.


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