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Start a Business in Five Days

Get your company going in just 54 hours. That’s what many businesses have accomplished by condensing their ideas and pitching to local entrepreneurs and investors.

What’s the Latest Development?

A three-day event that has traveled to over 120 cities encourages individuals and groups to condense their business ideas and pitch to local entrepreneurs and investors. Called the Startup Weekend, the event has already aided the creation of hundreds of small businesses. The creators of Zaarly, a mobile app that helps users look for specific products and find nearby sellers, have learned that releasing your product quickly can help you take advantage of early adopters’ suggestions.

What’s the Big Idea?

Here is a quick profile of other companies that benefited from Startup Weekend: The creator of TripLingo, a translation app for travelers, received lots of interest but without a team of solid creators, nobody was willing to commit funding. Shortly after building a team, the project received backing. The creator of Planely, an app that connects travelers on the same flight at the airport, changed his company from one focused on the general public to concentrating on business travelers.

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