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TEDxASB and TEDxNYED: Getting YouTube channels into iTunes

Yesterday was the TEDxNYED event in New York City. Many of us watched the LiveStream online.

Last week was the TEDxASB event in Mumbai, India. I had the pleasure of both attending and speaking.

Both events had some great speakers (I’ll let you decide if I was one of them!). Other TEDx events do also, and many of the videos will be uploaded to the TEDxTalks YouTube channel for others to see after the fact.

I wanted to get the TedxTalks YouTube channel into iTunes, but didn’t want to download each video individually. Could I get the YouTube RSS feed into iTunes? Yes, with RSSHandler! [click on image for larger version]

Simply put the URL of the YouTube feed into the box, change the format to MP4, and click on the Generate button. Voila! A feed that you can put into iTunes as a podcast subscription. You can do this for any YouTube user’s video channel. Awesome!

Hope this is helpful. Happy viewing!


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