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The curmudgeons strike back

Wow. Could The Age of the Millenials have been any more one-sided? I know the audience for 60 Minutes skews older but this episode was pretty over the top, even for a generation gap story  (hat tip to the Twitterverse). Here are a few phrases from the episode:

  • Stand back all bosses. A new breed of American worker is attacking everything you hold sacred.
  • Narcissistic praisehounds.
  • Safety net or safety diaper.
  • The coddling virus.
  • While we’re having this delayed adolescence, are we getting behind as
  • an economy … because we’re all just playing computer games at work

    while we wait to grow up?

  • (and, my favorite…) Praising is psychobabble.
  • Where is the understanding that every generation is different than those that came before? Where is the recognition of the many talents that the Millenials bring to the workplace? Where is the idea that perhaps these millenials have a pretty keen understanding of their current worth in the American employment market?

    Did there have to be so much grumpiness? Are the boomers just reaping what they sowed?


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