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The Most Innovative Ideas of 2009

Every year, it’s fun to check out the Year in Ideas from The New York Times and think about how these breakthrough ideas can be applied to businesses, both established and new. These are the five ideas that I’m keeping an eye out for in 2010:

(1) The Google Search Algorithm as an Evolutionary Model for Competitive Networks – Google’s PageRank algorithm has already been used to model ecosystems in the natural world, and now it’s being used to model everything from financial markets to metabolic systems.

(2) Brooklyn’s Kickstarter as a new business model for aspiring creatives

(3) The Real-Time Web

(4) The “Good Enough” Revolution –  Technology companies are finding that consumers value ease of use, continuous availability and low price more than they value new whiz-bang features and technical sophistication

(5) Mashups of creative works in the public domain – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, need I say more?

Will be interesting to see how these ideas play out over the next 12 months!

[image: The Google Algorithm as Extinction Model]


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