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The Tariq al-Fadhli Post

I have been promising myself that I would write a long post analyzing Tariq al-Fadhli’s joining of the southern movement, but it turns out that I won’t likely have any time to write such a thing (at least for free on Waq al-waq) until after May 15, and past history suggests that things may well have changed by that time, so instead I offer up these pieces and comments by Yemenis much smarter than myself.

The first piece is by Nabil al-Sufi.

The next piece is from Islam Online.

Finally, the below comments are from a very intelligent Yemeni, whose opinions I respect. He/She shall remain nameless:

Seven months ago, President Salih coaxed Tariq Al-Fadhli to undermine the violent riots. Nonetheless, tribal leaders and Sultans of tribes had a right –perhaps- deriving from the old share in the loot, to some booty and money from the ruler for making the tribal leader’s services available. When denied or dissatisfied, the tribal leader would not be aggravated but would feel free to look elsewhere for patronage. Al-Fadhli interests might not be satisfactorily met well by Salih. Once the latter was compelled to restore relations with the US, his WOT-partner, and went far to open his canons and guns against the Jihad-movements in Abyan, Al-Fadhli had no choice except to join the southern movement.


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