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Thursday in Protests

In casting about for an idea about how to blog on everything that is going on in Yemen, I found this Mareb Press story (Ar.) and I really like how they do it, dividing the news by location and so, having no scruples, I will copy their approach

Aden:  Has seen some of the most violent clashes so far in Yemen with some news outlets reporting up to 5 people killed.  I haven’t seen confirmation of this number, but I have seen at least two of the deaths confirmed. 

VP, Abd Rabu Mansur Hadi, a native of neighboring Abyan paid a visit to the city this morning to head up an investigation into the clashes, but that seemed to do little to ease the tensions.  Most in the south, outside of his tribe, already view him as a southerner who has cast in his lot with the north.  There is an Arabic word that some use in Yemen, but which I’m blanking on it at the moment. 

There were again protests in Mansurah this morning, and then again this evening in Crater and Mansurah, al-Tagheer is reporting that 10 people were injured (Ar.).

al-Baydha: Mareb Press reports that a thousand youth took to the streets, chanting for the fall of the regime and, interestingly: “no more governor after today.” 

Taizz, which is trying to set itself up as the “Alexandria of Yemen,” continues to see the number of protesters grow.  This Mareb Press (Ar.)story suggest 15-20,000, which may be high considering the problems other outlets are having inflating numbers.  But I have said, and I will continue to say: watch Taizz. When it comes to these popular protests (not opposition ones) Taizz is the most important city in Yemen.  It is a shame more journalists aren’t there.

Sanaa: today saw a running battle around the intersection of 60 meter road and Rabat street, I believe from media reports.  Dexter Filkins of the New Yorker filed this report. 

Zindani also tried to get into the action, calling for a unity government and elections in 6 months.  Note: this isn’t much.  Elections were scheduled for April, although they have been postponed and Zindani wasn’t talking about President Saleh stepping down.  I don’t think the old guy has as much support among the students in Taizz and Sanaa as he thinks he does.

Ahh, there is an interesting article that just popped up on Mareb Press about the President meeting with tribal shaykhs today – of all the news coming out of Yemen today this may very well be the most important, and yet I don’t have time to read it before I run.  Hopefully later.  Stay tuned.


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