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Thursday Papers

There is a great deal of news coming out of Yemen and Saudi Arabia this morning. Khalid al-Hammadi, in al-Quds al-Arabi, as well as a number of others write about the second American UAV crash in as many weeks.

Others are talking about renewed calls to boycott the elections by the JMP.

More details are coming out about al-‘Awfi’s return to Saudi Arabia. This Fox News report suggests that he will still be a threat from prison (my comments on the overall usefullness of rehabilitation programs are included) while the this report from al-Arabiyaa and this one from al-Hayat claim that al-‘Awfi was deceived by al-Shihri and a takfiri fatwa. It also says that al-Shihri and al-‘Awfi traveled to Yemen with two other Saudis: Turki ‘Usiri and Murtadhi Muqrim.

But all this is being pushed out by the release of a new audio message from Nasir al-Wahayshi.


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