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Today: Live stream from Axial Seamount

I wanted to get this news out quick because it is for today only. The Ocean Observatories Initiative Regional Scaled Nodes group is sending ROV ROPOS to Axial seamount today to set up some monitoring equipment and they are providing a direct link to the ROV – along with a video stream! So, you can watch live data being collected from 3 km below the surface near the Juan de Fuca ridge off of Astoria, Oregon. You can also follow some of the tweets of the scientists on the R/V Thompson at @VISIONS11ops. Remember, earlier this month there was news that an eruption had occurred in April at Axial (which is not unexpected, as it is an active seamount). Check it out and hopefully you’ll get to see something exciting today!

UPDATE: Well, it looks like they put off the caldera dive until today (8/23), so we get a second day of live streaming. Awesome.

{Special thanks to David Tucker for letting me know about this.}

Top left: Shelly pahoehoe from a previous eruption of Axial Seamount. Image courtesy of MBARI.


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