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Turrialba in Costa Rica erupts and a close view at Poas

Turrialba has its first eruption in over 100 years and tourists get an upclose view of Poas erupting last week.

Yet another new eruption for 2010!

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica in an undated photo.

Turrialba in Costa Rica erupted today, prompting the evacuation of tens of people from the region near the volcano. The eruption appears to be relatively small, producing ash and some pyroclastic material. The area around the volcano is not very populated and isn’t near the profitable coffee-growing region of Costa Rica. This eruption is the first at Turrialba since 1866, over 130 years ago. That eruption was a VEI 3, so Turrialba is definitely a volcano to watch if the activity continues.

Also in Costa Rica, Poas volcano is erupting. Tourists captured early stages of the eruption. A CBS affiliate in Georgia has a story about the video, although the article is pretty vague in many ways, including:

  • “He says this type of volcano doesn’t put out liquid lava. It instead puts out a dry lava with steam.”
  • “Tom says that this is the first time in the history of Costa Rica that anyone has recorded video of an erupting volcano.”
  • So, a little sketchy. It think the reports got a little confused with the difference between explosive and effusive eruptions. However, the videos (click on the right side menu to see more) are rather impressive (and short), although the tourists seem a little blase about the eruption going on right in front of them. However, why Tom thinks this is the “first time in the history of Costa Rica that anyone has recorded video of an erupting volcano” is beyond me (hello, Arenal). It is interesting video nevertheless.

    {Hat tip to Damon Hynes for info on the Poas video.}


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