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Two Things on Tuesday

Admittedly not the best title I have ever thought of but, what can I say, it has been a long day.

First, an excellent op-ed by Ambassador Edmund Hull on the myths of Yemen.

Second, I have no idea why the vast amounts of new journalists in Yemen aren’t covering this, but Mareb Press and a number of others are reporting on a strike against al-Qaeda suspects in Shabwa. For my money, Mareb Press has the fullest coverage.

I would like to delve a bit more into the geography, but I am away from home and my books – every academic has his crutch.

The individual, who escaped, is being called ‘Abdullah al-Midhar – I’m checking some family links in my notes.

Mareb Press is suggesting that there were roughly ten individuals targeted. I hope they aren’t all from Shabwa, since we all learned over the weekend from the governor of Shabwa that there were no more than seven people from Shabwa in all of al-Qaeda.


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