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Upcoming Talks: Science Communication at a Crossroads

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Readers in DC, New York City, and several other locations may be interested in turning out for talks I will be giving over the coming months. Details on dates, sponsors, and locations are below (the last still pending).

Science Communication Re-Considered: Key Issues for 2009 and Beyond

Monday, Nov. 17, 6pm

AAAS Headquarters

1200 New York Ave., NW

*For DC science policy community, RSVP here.

Communicating Science in a Changing World

Thurs, Dec. 4, 7pm

New York Academy of Sciences

Free to the public

Science Communication at a Crossroads

Thurs. Feb. 5, 2009

Science, Technology, and Society Lecture Series

Virginia Commonwealth University

Reporting on Climate Change: The Media and Public Understanding

Tues. Feb. 10

American Museum of Natural History, New York City

Admission $15

With Bud Ward of Yale Climate Forum, Andrew Revkin of the NY Times, Bill Blakemore of ABC News, and Diane Hawkins-Cox of CNN.

Annual Picard Lecture

March (date pending)

Health Law Institute

University of Alberta, Canada

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