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Update on commenting

So, the folks here at Bigthink have been working on improving commenting for Eruptions (and all the BT blogs). I am happy to say that we’ve had a number of changes that will help – and some bugs are still being ironed out. A quick summary of what is new and improved:

– Linebreaks (preserved) and paragraph breaks (two returns – a blank line) work.

– Formatting is now done with coding from Textile. A subset of the total Textile formatting works in the comments:

  • link (“big think”:
  • blockquote (bq.)
  • bold (*text*)
  • italic (_text_)
  • superscript (^text^)
  • subscript (~text~)
  • deleted text (-text-)
  • numeric list (#)
  • bulleted list (*)
  • This should allow for a lot easier commenting and discussion on the post from the blog. As always, if you’re having problems or have suggestions for improving the commenting, send me an email at eruptionsblog Thanks for your help so far (and your patience!)

    UPDATE: Got word that some of the weirdness comes from the spam filter for comments – it is rejecting a lot of the obvious “test” comments. So, for the time being, limit the testing as best as you can – if you have trouble posting a normal comment, please let me know!

    Top left: A image of Semeru taken by (and courtesy of) Arnold Binas. You can see the original image here on his Flickr stream.


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