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Urban school decay

I don’t know how Will Richardson came across these pictures of the Detroit Public School Book Depository, but I can’t get them out of my head so I’m sharing them here. [click on each image for a larger version]

As a former urban educator, these pictures really speak to me because they’re photographic metaphors for the decay and rot that we have allowed to take hold in our largest urban school systems. Detroit. Chicago. New York. St. Louis. Houston. Miami. Philadelphia. Los Angeles. Washington, D.C. And so on… They all have wonderful schools, but they also have dozens/hundreds of schools that would make you weep if your child had to attend them.

Where is our moral shame? Where is our humanity?

UPDATE: I neglected to properly attribute these photos (I wasn’t as sophisticated with my attribution back then). I’m so sorry, Ted. Everyone, please go here to see these:



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