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Wednesday Whatzits: Mayon and Kilauea

The Philippines might be headed towards another volcano-typhoon doubleheader, roads are no match for Kilauea and some new images of Chaiten and Shiveluch from NASA.

I’ll be giving a talk this afternoon here at Denison on rhyolite generation, so I might be a little brief this morning.

Undated image of Mayon in the Philippines.

  • The province of Albay in the Philippines is on alert for both a typhoon and a volcano (that country seems to be hit with that 300,000 may need to be ready to evacuate if the volcano continues to show signs that it might erupt – in fact, Mayon is producing ash as of this morning, albeit only one minor ash explosion.
  • Lava flows from Kilauea are drawing crowds as they inundate a road in Kalapana. There is a nice video link to the gawkers watching the lava ooze its way across the access road (very very slowly). The lava flow seemed to have stopped after crossing the road, but now it appears to be continuing to head to the sea.
  • Lastly, the NASA Earth Observatory has posted a couple new images worth a peak: one is of the current plume at Chaiten in Chile, the other of the activity at Shiveluch in Russia.

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