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Overcoming the Mythology Surrounding Depression

Six destructive myths about depression and why they’re not true.

For a condition that’s so common — affecting one in four women, and roughly one in five men — it’s frustrating that depression still carries a stigma. That it continues to be misunderstood by so many is surprising, especially since it’s likely that there’s someone suffering from depression in all of our lives. No, it’s not a signifier of weakness or self-indulgence or lack of gratitude for one’s circumstances. It’s clearly a result of physiological processes, even if its mechanics aren’t yet completely understood.

Psychologist and psychiatrist Patricia Deldin debunks six common ideas about depression that just aren’t true.

If you suffer from untreated depression, as Deldin says, there is help available. And remember: It’s not just others who fall for these myths — don’t judge yourself as you endure what’s already a difficult struggle.


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