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How Big Think can better support you and how you can support Big Think

Here’s a letter from our co-founders on the ways to help the world get smarter, faster, through engaging actionable content.

Dear readers,

We’re the co-founders of Big Think. First and foremost, we want to thank you for your viewership. Over the last 12 years, you have helped us take Big Think from a vision scrawled in notes on lined paper to a reality that has reached over 1 billion people with the mission of helping the world get “smarter faster”.

Secondly, we’d like to address how Big Think can better support you and, as well, how you can better support Big Think. A number of readers have written us recently complaining about the appearance of advertising on the site over the last year and voicing frustration about our use of tools to prevent those ads from being blocked.

It’s no secret that the climate for digital media—especially high-minded platforms like Big Think—has been difficult. As an independent publisher, advertising has become a critical part of our sustainability. That said, we understand that people have legitimate concerns about the intrusiveness of advertising—both visually and in terms of personal privacy.

So, we’ve made it possible for you to enjoy an ad-free experience on Big Think by contributing $1 per month to offset lost advertising revenue (click here). If you’d like to do more, consider signing up for our soft skill e-learning platform, Big Think+.

Finally, if you want to contribute in other ways—from strategic partnerships to investment—feel free to reach out to us directly.

Here’s to a future of bigger, bolder thinking!


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