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Boonsri Dickinson

Assistant Editor, Discover Magazine
Boonsri Dickinson is an Assistant Editor at DISCOVER magazine. After graduating with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she pursued journalism. Boonsri bought a one-way ticket from Boulder to New York to intern at DISCOVER magazine in December 2006. After the internship ended in March, Boonsri was hired as an Assistant to Bob Guccione Jr., then CEO and Publisher at DISCOVER and a successful magazine entrepreneur who launched both SPIN and GEAR.rnrnUnder Bob, she learned how to think about big ideas, how to expand business opportunities, and how to write. In October 2007, Boonsri was promoted to assistant to the Editorial Director, Patti Adcroft (former editor-in-chief at OMNI, Marie Claire, and Seventeen). Under Patti’s mentorship, Boonsri learned more than just what makes a good story, including what makes a good magazine, the importance of branding, and how magazines can go beyond being a product and become a public service. A year later, Boonsri was promoted to Assistant Editor. When she’s not closing an issue, she’s writing features and blogging for Discoblog. Boonsri works across all media platforms from print to online to video, covering the most interesting and compelling stories, and has written on topics from DNA testing, to cell phones and brain cancer, and security scanners. While at DISCOVER, Boonsri has grown as a journalist, and considers her job the perfect one: for it combines her training as a scientist, with her passion for writing.