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Elizabeth Stark

Founder, the Harvard Free Culture Group

Elizabeth Stark has taught at Stanford and Yale about technology and the Internet, starting the Ideas for a Better Internet Program at Stanford to engage students in working on projects to better the future of the net. Stark has spent years working on open Internet issues, and was one of the key organizers in the anti-SOPA movement that engaged 18 million people worldwide. She is a cofounder of the Open Video Alliance, which seeks to promote innovation and free expression in online video, and produced related conferences that involved nearly 9000 people in person and across the web. She serves as a mentor with the Thiel Fellowship, has collaborated with companies such as Google and Mozilla, and is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Stanford's StartX. Stark is a graduate of Harvard Law School and an affiliate of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society. She has lived and worked in Berlin, Singapore, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro, and speaks French, German, and Portuguese.