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Sean Jones

I'm a freelance writer as well as an editor and interviewer at Big Think.  I'm primarily interested in arts & culture and have interviewed writers from Edmund White to R.L. Stine for a variety of national publications.  Previously, I've worked with writers at Hachette Book Group as an editor and the Endeavor Agency as an agent.  I live in Brooklyn, New York.  

Uploading History

A group of Scottish scientists are beginning one of the biggest computer backup projects in history: they’re creating an “accurate to within 3mm” 3D model of Mount Rushmore, so it […]

The Most Effective Pickup Line?

It may be, “I’m taken.”  The New Scientistreports today on a Journal of Experimental Social Psychologystudy finding that single heterosexual women prefer men who are identified as taken by a […]

Our Favorite Year

When it comes to thinking big, it doesn’t get much bigger than determining the most significant year in human history. The Economist’s has launched a poll asking visitors to […]

Kindness Comes Naturally

Miller-McCune is reporting today on a Personality and Social Psychologystudy indicating that a connection to nature not only has stress-reducing and healing qualities, but that it also makes us kinder […]

Ants on the Brain

Researchers are learning about the human brain from a system that is more similar to our gray matter than you may think: ant colonies. Just as neurons navigate through your […]

Apatow Conservatives

Judd Apatow:  comic visionary, insightfully raunchy, slacker hero… conservative crusader? Ross Douthat smartly makes the case that Apatow is leading the charge in making socially conservative lifestyles seem cool to […]

The Big Wall

Here goes. In what is either the last gasp of a dying industry or the long-awaited retrenchment of an American staple, the big-time newspapers may be going pay only. Rupert […]

Why Do We Write?

It’s a question every writer asks themselves, either in the midst of sorting through overdue bills, during the dead hours of a suffocating block, or upon receipt of another rude […]

Is Marriage Just a Fad?

The institution of marriage hasn’t had a good go of it of late.  Not only is the gay marriage debate sparking animosity, but straight marriage has also been the victim […]