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Personal Growth

Who Are Your Pride Builders?

Pinpoint the “pride builders” in your organization when you need to implement change. They are a key “viral” factor in igniting the necessary emotional motivation for other workers.

What is the Latest Development?

“Pride Builders”—staff who intuitively know how to ignite a “feel good” attitude in their colleagues and pride in their day-to-day activities—can play a big role in mobilizing the kind of emotional commitment that makes behavior change happen. Pride Builders are often underutilized, despite their enormous potential as allies in change who spread both motivational and performance behaviors.

What is the Big Idea

Despite investing heavily in formal initiatives such as financial incentives or training programs, many companies fail when trying to get staff at multiple levels of the organization change certain critical behaviors. The problem is they neglect an essential aspect of what motivates employees—emotional commitment. Organizations should follow a rigorous approach to determine who the Pride Builders are and then build on their insights and capabilities to influence behaviors.


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