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Learning Reimagined: Captivate your audience using video-based microlearning
Monday May 20th @ 2:15 PM – 2:45 PM CST
Learning Stage 5, EXPO Hall
Elizabeth Rodd
Elizabeth Rodd
Chief Learning Architect at Big Think+
Meghan Phillips
Meghan Phillips
Vice President of Partnerships at Big Think+

Big Think+ Sample Lessons
Access exclusive content from some of our most popular experts across the Big Think+ library.
Leading Through Anxiety: How to Manage Self-Doubt with Jesse Eisenberg
5 mins
A man with curly hair is standing in front of a white background.
Unlock Your Team’s Hidden Potential With Adam Grant
8 mins
A bald man with a slight smile, wearing a dark blazer over a blue shirt, against a light gray background.
Becoming an Artful Gatherer: Shift Your Meeting Mindset With Priya Parker
8 mins
a woman in a blue turtle neck sweater posing for a picture.
Making an Impact at Work: Four Steps for Building a High-Impact Team With Liz Wiseman
4 mins
A woman in a green shirt is posing for a photo.

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