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Doubtful China

With just two days remaining at the Copenhagen climate summit China signalled last night that it sees “virtually no possibility” of finalising an agreement on Friday.

“With just two days remaining in historic and contentious climate talks here, China signaled overnight that it sees virtually no possibility that the nearly 200 nations gathered would find agreement by Friday. An official in the American delegation said that China would agree only to a brief political declaration that left unresolved virtually all the major issues. The conference has deadlocked over emissions cuts by, and financing for, developing nations, including China, who say they will bear the brunt of a planetary problem they did little to create. Leaders had hoped to conclude an interim agreement on the major issues that would have ‘immediate operational effect.’ The Chinese, it appears, are not willing to go that far at this meeting. Speaking to Reuters, an unnamed Chinese official was quoted as saying that ‘a short political declaration of some sort’ would likely conclude the two-week summit, which has thus far stumbled over issues of emissions cuts by — and financing for — developing nations, including China, who say the will bear the brunt of a planetary problem they did little to create.”


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