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How China can win People’s Hearts

How can China win affection across the world, and global supremacy to boot? By establishing a harmonious society free of today’s huge gaps between rich and poor.

What’s the Latest Development?

Political science professor and author Yan Xuetong says China’s quest to enhance its world leadership status and America’s effort to maintain its present position is a zero-sum game. It is the battle for people’s hearts and minds that will determine who eventually prevails. And, as China’s ancient philosophers predicted, the country that displays more humane authority will win.

What’s the Big Idea?

China may compete fiercely with the United States politically, economically and technologically, even to the extent of causing diplomatic tensions, but there is little risk of military clashes because this competition will differ from that between the U. S. and the Soviet Union during the cold war. Neither China nor America needs proxy wars to protect its strategic interests or to gain access to natural resources and technology.

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