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Secretary of State John Kerry?

Passed over for the Secretary of State position, John Kerry has fashioned an active role for himself as a diplomat and foreign policy adviser to Obama. Will he get the job in 2012?

What’s the Latest Development?

Though passed over for the Secretary of State position last time around, John Kerry has fashioned a role for himself as diplomat and foreign policy adviser to the White House. His most recent diplomatic missions have been to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria—three of the hottest political spots in the world. He is extremely loyal to the Obama Administration’s policy goals and was enraged when his latest negotiations with the Pakistani government were spoiled by a drone strike just hours after he left Islamabad. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Should President Obama win or lose the 2012 presidential election, Hillary Clinton has said she plans to step down from her post as Secretary of State. The obvious choice to replace her seems to be Senator Kerry. He already speaks daily with Secretary Clinton and with Vice President Biden, himself a foreign policy man, who takes Kerry’s concerns directly to the President. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry already takes on lengthy diplomatic assignments and retains ambitions to carry the foreign policy torch of the Obama Administration.  


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