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Starts With A Bang

New Podcast: There Is No Big Bang Singularity

Did the Universe begin at time t=0? Did space and time emerge from that?

The Universe, today, is expanding and cooling, as the volume of the Universe increases while the number of particles within it remains constant. If you extrapolate forwards in time, the Universe gets sparser, less dense, and closer to being completely empty. But if you extrapolate back in time instead, the Universe gets hotter, denser, and smaller in volume. Eventually, if you didn’t stop yourself, you’d go all the way back to a state of infinite density, where all the matter was packed into a single point: a singularity. This was where, when it was first formulated, the idea of a Big Bang singularity came from, and the idea that space and time had a beginning.

Yet we no longer believe that to be true! Why not? Come find out on this edition of the Starts With A Bang podcast!

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