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Surprising Science

The Future in Motion

Today marks the first day of our series on the future of mobility, with interviews with Beyond the Edge founder Richard Schaden; former mayor of Bogota Enrique Penalosa; and Terreform ONE founder Mitchell Joachim. Every Wednesday we will release new interviews with people who are changing the way we get from here to there- from entrepreneurs to policy makers. Schaden is frustrated with the pace of advances in the field of transportation. He thinks we should be flying higher and faster by now, but we’re not. And it’s not a question of lacking technology. So what’s the problem?

Penalosa imagines a world without automobiles, and what that could do to the quality of life in urban areas. Will we ever get over our addiction to cars? Penalosa believes we have the tools.

Joachim shows us his groundbreaking idea for the car of the future. It’s a ‘nerf-soft,’ self-healing automobile. What will it look like? How will it move? Will it keep us safe? Joachim’s invention is sure to surprise you.


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