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Surprising Science

Interfacing Your Computer with the Cloud

Personal computers that are optimized to interact with the cloud and give end users the best possible experience when accessing applications and services are being developed and marketed. 

What’s the Latest Development?

New computers are entering the market made especially to suit cloud computing. Because security concerns are paramount when accessing data remotely, the computers are built with security protections for hardware that is exposed to the cloud while data is accessed. Software, too, is being developed that mimics current desktops even though data in the cloud is no longer stored on your personal computer’s hard drive. The aim of the new technology is to mimic the functions of current systems while storing data in the cloud. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Cloud computing is a burgeoning market in the Internet industry as it adapts further to consumer needs. The concept is novel and simple: reduce hardware requirements by sorting and storing data on somebody else’s servers. Companies like Amazon already allow users to stream music files stored on its servers, eliminating the need to download onto a hard drive. Business, too, seeks to reduce its overhead costs by remotely accessing the data needed to serve clients. Questions about data security, access and delivery are bringing new products to market to meet these demands. 


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