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Jack White’s Latest Music Video Stars Non-Newtonian Fluids

Isaac Newton was a rock star of scientists, so it makes sense that one of his discoveries stars in “High Ball Stepper,” the latest music video from Jack White. In it, you can witness a blue fluid “dancing” around, shaken by the speakers blasting the song. 

The Huffington Postexplains: 

The video opens with the image of a blue gloppy liquid covering up a speaker and vibrating to a rhythmic beat. The trippy visual actually highlights the physics of non-Newtonian fluids. Such fluids — like ketchup or blood or yogurt, for instance — have different flow properties than Newtonian fluids, such as water or milk.

Why is that? Non-Newtonian fluids have properties of both liquids and solids

Watch the video to rock out to some non-Newtonian fluids: 

      Image credit: Nicku/Shutterstock

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