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Surprising Science

New Camera Promises ‘Living’ Images

Light field technology is the key to a new camera allowing you to be re-focus images minutes, days or even years after the shot, or to view them in 3D.

What’s the Latest Development?

What could you do with a camera that captures 11 million rays of light instantly? The makers of the Lytro light field camera, due to ship next year, say you could take “living pictures”, ones that you  re-focus minutes, days or even years after the shot, or view in 3D. This is my next says the viewfinder LCD is tiny and of fairly poor quality, and it’s difficult to frame images, but…

What’s the Big Idea?

“The basic concept works, it works well, it’s fun, and it’s like nothing else on the market.” This sort of plenoptic camera isn’t a new concept, but previous demonstrations have required giant arrays of distinct cameras to create, while Lytro’s device is a tube you can hold in a single hand, says Sean Hollister. Lytro says  the camera should be able to shoot approximately 400 images on a charge.


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