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Surprising Science

One-Way Human Space Missions

If NASA is to fly space colonization missions, it may need volunteers for one-way missions to Mars or beyond. However, the 100-year Starship project remains shrouded.

“Earlier this month, a NASA researcher mentioned the ‘Hundred Year Starship,’ a plan to develop research and technology for one-way human space missions. But since then, all parties have been surprisingly mum on the subject. Why all the secrecy? During an event in San Francisco earlier this month, Pete Worden, director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, mentioned that Ames is working on a ‘Hundred Year Starship’ program. The program is aimed at developing technology to create a starship, one that could allow for human colonization of other planets. NASA has invested $100,000 in the project and DARPA has kicked in $1 million.”


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