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Psychopath Test: Would You Kill Baby Hitler?

Wherein moral conundrums could determine the fate of millions — and how a psychopath might respond to them. 

In a previous post, we talked about a test to determine if you might be a psychopath.

It involved the moral question of — paraphrasing here — whether or not you would push a large guy off a bridge to certain death if it would save dozens or hundreds people people on a train destined for doom. It’s known as “The Trolley Paradox.”

That one received a lot of pageviews as people struggled with the question. 

The psychologist involved, Kevin Dutton, followed that up with another video asking a different set of questions, including “If you could kill baby Hitler, would you?”

Try this one on for size: 

For more videos from Kevin Dutton, try here

Thumbnail image Creative Commons Licensed from, image titled “Lying About Wonderland.”

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