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Your Lashes Are the Length Nature Intended

Slapping on mascara to get those luscious lashes wasn’t nature’s intention. Your lashes serve a purpose, and their length shouldn’t be tampered with.

Most makeup commercials push the idea that fuller lips, rosier cheeks, and longer lashes will up your sex appeal. Indeed, you may become more desired and beautiful. But science says you shouldn’t play with what nature might consider perfection — the length of your lashes, they’re the size they’re supposed to be.

Isha Aran from Fusion writes that luscious lashes may be the envy of some women, but, according to science, your eyelashes shouldn’t be meddled with. Recent research has found that mammals’ eyelashes are supposed to be one-third the width of the eye. After looking into various animals from armadillos to snow leopards, the researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology found that all had lashes that were one-third the width of their eyes. They report this is the optimal length in order to keep tiny particles out, and control airflow and hydration.

In addition to their field studies, the researchers built an artificial eye in a small wind tunnel — meant to mimic similar conditions. They found that a lash that was one-third the width of the eye was able to divert dust and particles most effectively than other lengths.

So, rather than buying yet another product to help with your dry eyes after days of wearing mascara, consider ditching both. If science is right, a few days without the mascara could help clear up those dry eyes.

Read more at Fusion.

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