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Be Happier at Work

How can individual employees as well as managers create a more pleasant work environment? Thinking positively and giving to others are two good places to start. 

What’s the Latest Development?

Employees and managers can feel better at the office and create a more successful work environment by following a few easy suggestions from Shawn Achor who has studied happiness and human potential for the last ten years at Harvard University. Most importantly, he says, a positive mindset is a precursor for success: “If we can raise the levels of positivity in the midst of challenges, we find productivity and engagement rises and creativity triples.” 

What’s the Big Idea?

Happiness doesn’t mean being giddy or ignoring the faults that exist in ourselves and in others. It means being realistic and giving encouragement. According to Achor, having social support networks is the greatest predictor of happiness. In other words, if you’re stressed or depressed, avoid working too much. “Seventy-five percent of employees’ job performance is predicted by three factors: belief that their behavior matters; their social support network at work and at home; and seeing stress as a challenge rather than a threat,” says Achor.


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