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Google’s Next Investment

“Self-driving cars, a windmill farm in the middle of the ocean—what is the search giant up to? As with its once-baffling investments in the likes of YouTube, Android and Wave, we’ll see.”

“In recent weeks, [Google] has revealed it’s working on self-driving cars and a multibillion-dollar windmill farm—in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Crazy? Like a fox, analysts say. The projects, no matter how far afield from the company’s ambitious mission of organizing the world’s information, may turn out to be more calculated—and prosperous—than they initially appear. ‘Some of these things will turn out to be wildly successful and others will just fade away,’ said Jay Wong, portfolio manager with Los Angeles investment firm Payden & Rygel, which owns Google shares. ‘It’s part of their creative culture and what makes them so successful.'”


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